Morris Cooper S Mark 1

New arrival
Body styleSedan
Mileage24124 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Restored condition
  • Originally delivered in Switzerland
  • In the original colour combination "Tartan Red with Black roof"
  • Supplied with the British Heritage Certificate
  • Equipped with 4 Lucas fog lights - Mercury 10-inch wheels and a folding roof
  • Rare original Cooper S - 1071cc example

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Do you remember the famous film The Italian Job from 1969? Firstly, we see in this film the beautiful Miura, racing in the Alps. The Miura then drives out of the tunnel and crashes there. In this film, we also see a beautiful Aston Martin DB4 that the Italian mafia unfortunately destroys. However, this famous film actually focused on one particular model: the Mini Cooper. We saw three examples in different colours in the film, speeding around with stolen gold cargo.

At the time, the Mini Cooper was supplied as Austin Cooper and Cooper. Our example is a Morris Cooper S, but what is the difference? The Mini was positioned under two BMC brands, namely Austin and Morris. The only differences are the emblems and, on certain models, the grille. That’s it.

The Mini Cooper was launched in September 1961. What was immediately noticeable was that the car offered a great combination of size, price and performance. It didn’t take long for this all-rounder to establish his reputation as a rally and race winner. Faster versions arrived quickly afterwards. The first of these, and now the most sought-after version, is the 1,071cc Mini Cooper ‘S’ from 1963. That’s the car we’re offering here. The 1071cc MK1 Cooper S was the first Cooper S produced by BMC, and the first of the Minis to be successful in the Monte Carlo Rally. Successful, because he won the Monte Carlo Rally three times in his class in the 1960s.

Production of the Cooper S 1071cc lasted from January 1963 to August 1964, and was produced in the United Kingdom and exported to markets such as South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium and Chile. This Cooper formed the basis for the 971 cc and 1275 cc ‘S’ models of 1964. 4,030 MK1 1071cc Cooper S cars were produced. This number included both the Austin and Morris versions. With a power of 69 HP, just over 3 meters long, approximately 600 kg, a top speed of 150 km/h, and the racing and rally history, the 1071cc is an extremely popular Mini. We absolutely adore it!

We have a Cooper S 1071cc in Brummen. This car was built on August 9, 1963 and delivered on September 19 of the same year in Switzerland. After driving around in Switzerland for some time, this Mini was exported to California, where the car had a good and dry life. This Mini is in the original colour combination as it left the factory, Tartan Red with black. We can verify this with the British Heritage Certificate that we supply with this car. This example underwent restoration and overhaul work a few years ago, which means the car presents itself in a very beautiful and neat manner. Both the exterior fittings and the interior are in superb condition. The paint is of good quality and the chrome bumpers and windows are in nice condition as well. This Mini is also equipped with four Lucas fog lights, Mercury 10-inch rims and a folding roof.

Driving this legendary Mini is nothing short of fantastic. With a low weight, the handling is superb, and you can feel the rally genes every time that you drive it. Due to the overhaul work, this Cooper is in good shape. We supply the original manual with the car in addition to the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust certificate.

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