Morris Eight

Body stylePick-Up
Mileage12463 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Minor engine and brakes
  • Very rare
Price on request

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We have one again! A thoroughbred Australian Ute! Possibly the best automotive concept that is not understood anywhere except in Australia. The idea is simple, take a standard passenger car, replace the rear seat and trunk with a luggage box and your Ute is ready. The cargo space of a small pick-up and the driving comfort of a passenger car, who wouldn’t want that?

This is a very rare 1953 8 Ute. The car is powered by a 1100CC engine from a Morris Minor that produces 42 hp and is coupled to a manual transmission with four gears. In addition, the previous owner fitted the front disc brakes from a Morris Minor to curb the increased power (originally 23 hp and now 42 hp).

The car is very original and has a great look. The body and paint are neat. The condition of the wooden luggage compartment is used but fine. The interior is also neat and it is striking that the front seat has already been reupholstered. The car has recently been given a new convertible top that fits well everywhere and is in very good condition. The engine and transmission continue to function well and it is therefore a joy to be on the road with this Morris.

In short, a very nice and especially very rare Morris 8 Ute that, in addition to being a nice classic, could also function perfectly as an advertising object for your company.