Porsche 356 ‘Pre-A’ Coupé

Body styleCoupé
Mileage10 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Executed in 'Elfenbein/Ivory' over tan leather
  • Period correct engine (type 572) and 'split case' transmission
  • Originally delivered in New-York in 1954 by Hoffman
  • Restoration in 2005 by some of the very best experts
  • Clean and pure design with bend-windshield

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The 356 came to fruition by in 1948 in a very small workshop in Gmünd, Austria. This, of course, is the grandfather of all modern Porsche models. Increasing demand led to production being moved to Stuttgart in 1950, where the now steel-bodied cars were assembled by Karosserie Reutter. Initially built with a split windshield, the design was refined in 1952 with a more modern one-piece curved windshield.

From 1955, production took place at the factory in Zuffenhausen. The Porsche 356 is built on a platform chassis with the air-cooled engine in the rear, which, together with a torsion bar and fully independent suspension, provided a sportier feel than the chassis alone would suggest.

Continual developments to the model resulted in improved cars every year. Initially equipped with a 1,100 cc four-cylinder engine, this was later replaced by 1,300 and 1,500 cc variants. In 1952, the two-piece windshield was replaced by a curved one, and from that point on, the gearbox was synchronised. Of the various versions that Porsche built between 1948 and 1965, the oldest, also known as the ‘pre-A’, is the most sought after and also the rarest; the purest 356!

We offer a very beautiful Porsche 356 built by Porsche in April 1954. This example features a Reutter body in Stuttgart. The first owner lived in New York, and the American importer Hoffman supplied the car. We believe the first owner was the famous actor Christopher Plummer; a car enthusiast, including Porsches. A copy of the delivery note showing Mr. Plummer as the owner accompanies the car. At some point, this 356 received a correct pre-A 1,500 cc engine, type 572, with the correct ‘split case’ transmission for that time. Subsequently, this Porsche moved to Europe and was restored and overhauled around 2005 by one of the top experts.

This early 356 is overall in good condition. The paintwork indicates it is an older restoration, but it looks neat and well cared for. The color ‘Elfenbein/Ivory’ combined with brown upholstery looks truly fantastic! The interior is also in neat condition, and mechanically, this Porsche is in very good shape. The engine runs smoothly, and driving this example will transport you back to 1954. The entire car makes a solid impression and drives as it should.

If you are interested in this beautiful and early Porsche 356, please feel free to contact us now via the ‘request more information’ form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Perhaps we’ll see you soon in Brummen!

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