Porsche 911 3.0 SC Targa

Body styleTarga
Mileage176978 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Low mileage
  • Extensive history file
  • Great condition example
Price on request

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The 911, who needs an explanation as to what kind of car that is? World-famous and that has been true for many decades. Since the 911 appeared in 1964, it has become an integral part of automotive history and has adorned many boys’ bedrooms in poster form. For many, it is a dream to one day own a 911. After the original model with narrow bumpers, the second series was introduced in 1974, featuring thicker bumpers due to American safety regulations. This series, which was in production from 1974 to 1988, is highly regarded for its modern features such as fuel injection, rust prevention, and powerful engines.

The 911 on this page is an SC, which according to Porsche enthusiasts stands for Super Carrera. Under the small hood, there is a new aluminium 3.0 boxer engine that initially delivers 180 horsepower. The aluminium power plant provides increased reliability, which is one of the reasons why these 1980s Porsches are so beloved. Bosch equipped it with a K-Jetronic injection system, and shifting gear is done with the then-new 915 gearbox.

And so, the SC goes down in history as a very successful model. It’s no wonder that this silver-grey 911 deserves a place in our collection. This Targa model was delivered new in 1980. Few engines have such a distinctive sound as the air-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine from Porsche, and this SC is no exception.

The 911 with a removable roof is in excellent condition and was owned by enthusiasts. The fact that these enthusiasts drove the 911 for 109,965 miles, approximately 175,000 kilometres, is not evident at all. This series is known for being able to handle high mileage, so considering its condition, we can confidently say that this 911 is in the prime of its life. The bodywork is very neat, and the fresh silver-grey paint contributes to its overall appearance.

Celebrations continue on inside because where you might expect a black interior, this SC features a stunning original bright red leather interior. What a presence when you open the door of this 911! It’s not a subtle dark red colour but colourful, striking, and yet stylish fiery red leather with matching carpets. During that period, Porsche excelled at making well-fitting sports seats, and this model in the 911 is no exception. The upholstery is intact and in good condition. The complete instrument panel is also neat, with beautiful and properly functioning gauges. The rest of the dashboard and all controls are also very clean and give the impression that the 911 has hardly experienced half of the driven kilometres.

The mechanics of the 911 are correctly described as being very good, and while driving, it is evident that this is a tight and solid car. The 3.0 six-cylinder engine feels powerful and smooth, and the same applies to the gearbox and clutch. The steering and suspension are also fresh. The overall impression of this 911 is that it has been well maintained.

The 911 SC comes with a large stack of invoices and documentation indicating an excellent maintenance history. The underside is also clean and free of issues. If you are looking for a 911 that you want to drive a lot, enjoy, and experience a smooth ride, then this is the SC for you!

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