Porsche 912

New arrival
Body styleCoupé
Mileage81473 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 1967 Porsche 912: Restored and technically overhauled
  • Classic design and great alternative to the 911
  • Stunning black exterior with lovely chrome accents
  • Great interior with classic green and black gauges

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Let’s go back to 1967. You are driving a 356 and are in the market for a new Porsche. You find the new 911 a fantastic car and are genuinely interested, but the seller at Porsche tells you the total price, including the options you want, and it is indeed too much. The seller points you to the Porsche 912; at first glance, it looks like an identical car, but underneath is a four-cylinder engine and not a six-cylinder engine. The seller also tells you that the engine of the 912 is essentially the 356 SC engine, which you are very impressed with. This is just one example, but we think this is one of the reasons why the Porsche 912 was a popular choice in the 1960s.

Yes, we find the six-cylinder sound of the 911 delightful, but what we find fantastic about the Porsche 912 is the (even better) handling. Why? Quite simply, the rear engine is lighter, and therefore the rear of the 912 is also lighter. Since there is no engine placed at the front of this Porsche, the weight distribution of the car is somewhat better balanced. But you will definitely notice that once you’re on the road! Another fun fact: Porsche initially sold more 912’s than 911’s. 

Our Porsche is from 1967 and has been nicely restored and technically overhauled in the past. This means that the car looks really nice and is in neat condition. The black color contrasts nicely with the various chrome parts.

In the interior, it’s all Porsche, with the beautiful classic gauges in green and black. The upholstery is lovely, and the carpets still look fresh. The wooden steering wheel feels great, and the gear lever is easy to operate. We also find a neat dashboard in good condition.

This Porsche 912 offers a driving experience you can only expect from a genuinely good Porsche. The engine picks up smoothly and produces the characteristic sound of a boxer four-cylinder, just as you would expect. Additionally, the gearbox shifts effortlessly and smoothly, contributing to the driving pleasure.

Everything about this 912 functions as it should, from the brakes and mechanical aspects to the gauges and other components. This car is exactly as it should be: with excellent driving characteristics, a solid chassis, and enough power for sporty drives.
Ready for the road and many years of driving pleasure, this Porsche 912 is a true enthusiast’s car.

Are you interested in this beautiful Porsche 912? Contact us today; we will be happy to assist you further. You are very welcome at Gallery Aaldering, active since 1975. We have many years of experience in exporting our vehicles worldwide. Ask about the possibilities.

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