Siata 1250 GT Zagato

Body styleCoupé
Mileage84041 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • One of seven
  • Very original
  • Mille MIglia eligible
Price on request

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You would be easily forgiven if you were wondering what you were actually looking at. It happens to be a car with a maximal production run of seven: The 1250 GT Zagato. Built in 1955 for the 1956 Mille Miglia. Although the Mille Miglia works as a red cloth to a bull for many a classic enthusiast, we still need to dive back a bit more into this truly magnificent 1250 GT’s history. In the 50s Zagato is very active in building cars intended for competitive racing. This in turn was probably inspired by the racing prowess of Elio Zagato, the son of founder Ugo Zagato. Technically the 1250 GT Zagato is based on the Fiat 1100, tipo 103. With the sporty version of the compact 1100, considered the GTI of its day, Fiat perfectly hit the sports segment. The standard version was fast enough that many firms were able to get even more out of the car. The Società Italiana Applicazioni Technice Automobilistiche (S.A.), Siata for short, for one. In essence, this is a racing car. That alone would explain why Milan-based Zagato became involved
in making a small number of perfectly formed aluminium coachworks, in this case using the 1100 TV as a base. A small number you ask, well how many exactly then? That is where you will encounter the fine Italian tradition of not really knowing! Looking at the starting line-up of the 1956 Mille Miglia we find six Siata’s 1250 in the 1,100 to 1,300 Turismo e Gran Turismo class.

The 1250 GT Zagato on this page is a car with the (Fiat) chassis number 198498. There are two navy blue files filled with a nicely detailed account of the car’s history. In itself that is a rare and valuable adjunct with this kind of car. The files show that in the 19th of January 1956, the car was supplied to one Angelo Zuffuni. One name jumps out whilst perusing the next owners and that is the name of Claudio Maglioli, son of Umberto Maglioli who himself had driven in ten Formula 1 Grand Prix. Sportscar driving appeared to be in his blood and the in 1940 born Claudio later enjoys the reputation of being a driver for Lancia stable and above all valued for prepping racing and rally cars. The registration also shows the Siata having spent a long period in Sicily.

The Siata looks great. It may not be in concourse condition, it has gloriously matured nonetheless. Luckily no one has tinkered with the car over the years. The whole Siata’s appearance, outside and inside, oozes a lovely mid-fifty’s air.

Under the bonnet, that impression is enhanced. Basically, a Fiat engine embossed with Siata in red on the valve cover together with a lovely piece of Eduardo Weber’s mastery, a proper twin down-draught carburettor without an air-filter. How racy do you like yours? Of course, no standard 1,100 cc block but drilled out to 1,294 cc to stay within the 1,100 to 1.300 cc class limit. Inside the view is also stunning. Just look at the two authentic bucket seats. The dashboard is reminiscent of a smaller, slimmer one found in the Maserati A6G 54 Zagato. The clock faces of the four large round gauges have gently yellowed somewhat in time. Enough description I here you say; what is it like to drive you will want to know. The whole atmosphere and sound the car makes is fantastic. The small barely adjustable seat provides a surprising amount of support. The large steering wheel, proudly sporting a Fiat-logo at its heart for a change, steers very light and is enormously responsive as well.

The engine itself is smoother than expected and responds nicely from down the rev range upwards. The Siata is anything but slow, the aluminium body weighing in at a mere 800 kg and an output of about 80 hp. The gear action is great and delightfully precise. The Siata sound is full of character, as you would hope form a souped-up, slightly old-fashioned engine with more or less an open exhaust… Vrrrrroom! It manages a fair distance, enough for a whole stage in the Mille, with its 80-litre fuel tank.

Driving the Miglia without having to stop to tank? That is quite clever. This Siata is guaranteed acceptance in the MM due to earlier participation of them in 1956. This regardless wether this one was in the original line-up or not. Experience shows the organisation really approves of adding as much variation in the starters field as possible.

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