Star Twin Thunderstar 1200 TDI

Body styleSupersport
Mileage1234 km
VAT / MarginIncl. 21% VAT
  • Unique diesel engined motorcycle
  • Comes with a fully revised engine
  • Isle of Man contestant
Price on request

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It’s allowed again! We are using the word “unique” again. In this case, quite rightly so. This is the only motorcycle powered by a diesel engine that has ever competed in the Isle of Man TT.

This project starts in 2001. Kees van der Starre of Techniek dreams of developing a motorcycle that is powered by a diesel engine. He joins forces with students from the HAN University of Applied Sciences and in 2004 the motorcycle makes its public debut at a club race of the Ducati club. The bike will shine at the Motor Rai in 2007 and the idea is conceived to build the motorcycle in small series for the enthusiast. However, the realization of the small series production turns out to be more difficult and more expensive than previously thought and ultimately does not get off the ground. It has been quiet about the project for a few years. There is nothing more to read in the media, but in the background Kees van der Starre is quietly developing his project. In 2015, like a bolt from the blue, a phone call from Japan comes in from Yoshihiro Kishimoto, a Japanese motorcycle racer, asking whether van der Starre might be interested in collaborating with his sponsor and also producer of biodiesel: Revo. After months of negotiations, a deal is struck and the bike is entered for the 2015 edition of the most grueling and dangerous motorcycle race in the world. The bike eventually goes around the 60-kilometer “circuit” at an average of more than 110 miles per hour.

But how is that possible? What is it exactly? The Star Twin Thunderstar 1200 TDI consists of a steel frame, which weighs only 6 kilos on its own, and carbon parts. The engine is basically derived from the 1200cc three-cylinder diesel from the Volkswagen Lupo and is linked to a transmission from a Yamaha 1200 FZR. However, you will no longer recognize both, the transmission and engine are forged into one using special 3D-designed components. The suspension is provided by WP and consists of a Moto GP front fork and Moto GP rear damper. Because weight is the enemy of any kind of racing, the wheels are made in carbon by BST of South Africa. To ensure that the speeds generated by the diesel engine can also be easily shaken off, the car is equipped with PFM brakes. The race-ready base including 18 liters of diesel amounts to 220 kilos. Very light for a motorcycle of this type. Thanks to the installation of a special Mitsubishi turbo, the engine delivers 125 hp peak power and an impressive torque of 300 Newton meters at just 3,200 rpm.

What is also striking about this motorcycle is that this unique example “just” has a license plate. So you can just take it on the road and enjoy driving at very low running costs, because this motorcycle effortlessly achieves a consumption of 1 in 30 at 160 kilometers per hour.

What do you buy? You are buying a unique motorcycle with a wonderful history that shows that diesel is still a fuel to be reckoned with. Before it is delivered to the next owner, the motorcycle is completely disassembled and technically made roadworthy by Kees van der Starre so that you can enjoy the bike effortlessly for years to come. The development costs for this motorcycle run into the hundreds of thousands, you can now become part of the legend at a very discounted rate.

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