Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40

Body styleATV
Mileage31188 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Fantastic condition
  • Fully restored
  • Drives wonderful
Price on request

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Some ironically say “you need a Land Rover if you want to go into the jungle but you need a Land Cruiser to get out again”. Ironic, maybe, but undoubtably the Land Cruiser has the reputation of being reliable and robust. Whilst many Land Cruisers have led a heavy life, this 1978 BJ40 was spared such a fate almost unscathed.

Being a 1978 Land Cruiser it comes from the time when you were first able to order factory-fitted power steering. This is very much the case with our peak perfect BJ40. Not every bend therefore turned into arm-strengthening exercise and you were able to gently steer the Land cruiser around a corner. This in itself makes this sand-coloured vehicle desirable, add the 80hp 191Nm 3.0 litre diesel and you enthusiasm becomes quite understandable, especially as, due to its age, you are exempt from Dutch environmental zonal restrictions.

As this work horse was not used full-time it is in exceptional shape. Inspecting the floor, sills, crossbeams and other areas that usually suffer from 4 by 4 use, you can see for yourself this car is in an exceedingly great condition. The bodywork is brilliant with correct alignment, with doors that shut properly and very straight edges. Hinges, suspension parts, bumpers and various external grips are as good as new. You might not be taken with the oversized wheels you see in the photos, if so rest assured the original wheels are included. Meanwhile you are treated to an unhindered view of improved suspension featuring Bilstein shocks.

The interior carries the same message as the exterior: simply pristine. The comfortable black upholstered seating, the numerous switches and instrument panel all reflect the bygone late 70’s era. Functionality is the word that springs to mind with the Toyota, quickly followed by amusing.

The sturdy diesel starts with a slight turn of the key before getting down to work without a grumble. The long gearstick allows easy gear selection and makes driving the Land Cruiser childishly simple: This one has 4 speeds in contrasts to earlier 3-speed models. This large 3 litre 4-cylinder has always been properly maintained and is totally fool-proof. You are unlikely to find a classic off-roader with more character and ease of use.
In short: this is not only a very valued object of desire but also an understandable choice for the entrepreneur who wishes to distinguish oneself when visiting clients.

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