Volkswagen Kever Beetle 151 Convertible by Karmann

New arrival
Body styleCabriolet
Mileage7064 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Sought after Beetle
  • Concours-quality restoration
  • Restoration from A to Z captured in photos
  • Documented with certificate from Volkswagen
  • Period correct colour scheme "Delphingrau - Delph (dunkel)"
  • The prime example of the legendary “People's Car”

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If we ask you what the most iconic car of all time is, we are convinced that the Beetle will certainly rank very highly. But if we have a closer look at the Beetle and wonder why this model was (and fortunately still is) so popular, it is probably the combination of factors. First, affordability. The Kever was accessible to a large group of people. In addition, the Beetle was extremely useful. Transporting several people including luggage is no problem at all. Another factor is reliability, and the German brand has of course become very famous for this. The air-cooled engine is very robustly built, and the concept is solid. Components such as the water-cooling system with hoses, pipes and radiators were completely unnecessary. Another nice bonus: the air cooling drastically reduced the risk of frostbite on very cold days.
The Beetle Convertible was built in a separate factory by Karmann. This Beetle has excellent build quality and beautiful details such as the three-piece sound-absorbing hood. In 1954, Volkswagen enlarged the engine to 1,200 cc with 36 hp. As a result, usability was further increased and comfortable speeds could be driven for hours at a time.
We are extremely excited to offer this Volkswagen Beetle Convertible to you. What a fantastic example this is, and we wonder if there is a second one that is as beautiful. We are dealing here with an example that Volkswagen built on May 14, 1955 and was delivered on May 20, 1955 in the United States. This example has a 1,200-cc engine. The most striking aspect about this Beetle is that it was restored and overhauled to a very high level. The car is therefore in concours condition. The entire restoration process was recorded in detail and no expense was spared to restore the whole in an excellent manner. The documentation for this Volkswagen shows this in detail, and there is also a certificate from Volkswagen included.
The exterior looks beautiful in the amazing colour scheme ‘Delphingrau’. The body colour was resprayed at a high level and the whole car looks fantastic, even when we look at the details such as the bumpers, windows and rims. Also, have a look at the restoration photos that we have already added for you in the advertisement on our website. In addition, the body panel fits are straight and good.
The interior is equally beautiful. The high quality of restoration work can also be seen here. A lovely steering wheel, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of condition. The dashboard was beautifully restored, and every detail is in superb condition. We can see this, for example, by looking at the carpets, the beautiful gear lever and the lovely upholstery that is of very high quality.
Under the bonnet, everything looks fantastic. Correct parts were used and everything is in excellent condition. This also applies to the underside of the car. The restoration photos also clearly show that everything was carried out thoroughly.
Driving this Beetle is great because it is fitted with the 1,200-cc engine. In our opinion, a fantastic engine. Due to the restoration work, this example drives great, and you are assured of many pleasant (and sunny) kilometres.
Are you interested in this incredibly beautiful Volkswagen Beetle in sublime condition? Contact us today, we will be happy to help you. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. Of course, exporting our vehicles worldwide is possible. Ask about the possibilities.