Volvo PV544

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  • Completely restored and overhauled in the past
  • Recently completely repainted
  • Delivered new in the Netherlands

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• Originally Dutch car
• Completely restored and overhauled, including documentation
• Recently repainted
• Very beautiful car

In 1956, introduced the Amazon, originally intended as a successor to the very popular PV444. Since the Amazon was a completely different car, Volvo introduced the PV544 in 1958, nicknamed the ‘humpback’, to ease the ‘drastic’ transition. The PV444 had been available since 1944, and the PV544 had several significant changes compared to the PV444. For instance, the PV544 was available with two different engines, and a four-speed gearbox became a reality. Additionally, the bodywork was partially changed. The rear visibility was improved with an enlarged rear window, and the interior was equipped with soft upholstery and a rear seat that provided more comfort and space.

This Volvo PV544 is from 1960, and the remarkable thing about this specimen is that it is an originally Dutch car. The documentation accompanying the car shows that this specimen has been extensively restored, and the overall condition is therefore remarkably neat. Transport yourself back in time with the very beautiful and charming colour scheme, which is so characteristic of that era.

The body feels solid, and the doors close as you would expect from a Volvo. The green paint is very neat, and the chrome work, as well as the rubbers and windows, are in excellent condition.

The interior is tidy and forms a tasteful combination with the green body colour. Details in the interior are correct and in good condition. Once again, the interior shows that this car has been completely restored, and this specimen benefits from it.

Mechanically, this Volvo can also be described as in good working order. The overall appearance is well-maintained, including the engine compartment. Smooth running and good driving characteristics provide you with a comfortable ride on the road. This being a true Swedish hatchback it is bound to appeal to many. The gearbox shifts precisely, and the handling is excellent.

A very nice classic, this Volvo PV544, and moreover an originally Dutch specimen and completely restored and overhauled. This makes this Volvo suitable for many enjoyable trips out, the good driving characteristics giving this PV544 the true classic Volvo feeling. The original Dutch instruction booklet and old papers are of course a nice addition, and photos of the restoration are included with the car.

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