Welcome to the Gallery Brummen

Nico Aaldering runs The Gallery Brummen together with his son Nick Aaldering and a group of over 23 employees. Aaldering Brummen has been a well-known name in the world of classic car lovers for more than 35 years. The constantly changing stock consists of more than 350 classic cars of several exclusive brands.

Aaldering Classic & Sportscars is established in an impressive building called The Gallery. “A famous classic car deserves a fitting environment”, according to Nico Aaldering. “With classic cars you need the right atmosphere, you must be able to day-dream, feel how a certain car will suit you. For many people it is the fulfilment of a lifelong dream and surroundings such as ours will make the purchase of such an automobile all the more an experience to never forget.”

The Gallery Brummen is the biggest classic car dealer in Europe, selling cars in the Netherlands but also with lots of clients all over the world, such as: Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, United States of America, Japan and the United Emirates. Nick Aaldering: “In addition to the buying and selling of cars, we take care of the entire process.”