Body styleCoupé
Mileage47328 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Fully restored condition
  • Stunning throughout
  • Factory AC
  • Full leather interior etc
  • Etc.
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A typical 1970s design that evolved into one of ‘s most iconic classics: the GTV6. Designed by Giorgietto Giugiaro and later fine-tuned by Alfa Romeo’s own design department, Centro Stile. Over the decades, many GTV6s haven’t received the love they deserved, thankfully this very beautiful coupe is a healthy exception to the rule.

The GTV6 you see here was handed over to its first owner in the Netherlands in 1986, who owned the car for 15 years. At that time, the owner chose the GTV Grand Prix, a special edition distinguished mainly by its unique bumpers. Along with wheel arch extensions and side skirts, it’s immediately clear that this is not a standard GTV6. To further emphasize the special edition, a subtle stripe was added below the window line.

Finding a nice GTV6 nowadays is quite a challenge, and truly fresh examples are rarely encountered. However, this Grand Prix edition is different. It’s an exceptionally fresh car with a beautiful body in an inexplicably stunning condition. The paint is gorgeous, with a deep lustre. The doors also close incredibly neatly, providing even and clean panel gaps when closed. It’s a sight to behold. The stickler for originality may notice that a few things are not as they were when the reddish-brown GTV6 left the factory. For example, there are yellow headlights, a modification quite popular amongst GTV6 enthusiasts. Another noticeable modification are the beautiful 16″ Speedline wheels, originating from the Alfa Romeo SZ. They suit the coupe fantastically and offer a refreshing change from the often-fitted Ronal wheels.

The interior of the car is beautiful, in a very good condition, and features impressively gorgeous leather upholstery. While it may not be original, it looks absolutely stunning in the Alfa Romeo. Furthermore, we see the well-known interior design, with three round instruments housed in square enclosures, along with a handful of additional small gauges in the centre console. As a special option, this Giugiaro creation is equipped with air conditioning, which is quite pleasant during the undoubtedly sunny drives you’ll take with this Italian thoroughbred. The interior, including the carpets, door panels, steering wheel, and all other elements, can simply be described as exceptionally neat and tidy.

Under the hood lies one of the most beautiful classic engines ever built, Alfa’s Busso six-cylinder engine. Originally a 2.5-litre unit, in this case, there’s a 3.0-litre engine residing under the forward-hinged bonnet. While the 2.5-litre version produces around 160 hp, the 3.0-litre variant quickly reaches 180 or 185 hp, without even considering easy modifications to increase it further. The engine feels wonderfully lively and smooth, accompanied by the unmistakable sound that has made this engine famous in the automotive world. It provides more than enough torque, a beautiful power delivery that showcases the GTV6’s eagerness to rev, and an incredible growl. It’s an absolute joy to be on the road with a car like this! With its transaxle layout, where the gearbox is placed between the rear wheels for optimal weight distribution, the GTV6 is a true sports car to be reckoned with. This one has been tastefully enhanced, making it even more stunning and creating a unique GTV6.

Even the underside of this Italian beauty is truly impeccable. We still see GTV6s passing by regularly, but they rarely can compete with this Grand Prix edition.

The car comes with its original instruction manual. Finally we highly recommend taking this incredible Italian coupe out for as many drives as is humanly possible. You wont be disappointed!

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