Bentley B Special Old No.1

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage255 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • 'A homage to the racing pedigree of the Bentley Speed Six immortalised in motoring history by Woolf Barnato-Henry Birkin and the Bentley Boys'
  • Built by Racing Green Engineering
  • Completely rebuilt with the Bentley B80 5675cc eight-cylinder in-line engine
  • A very exciting "racing car" with excellent driving characteristics

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The impressive experience of the 1930s, desirable technology, and of course the unbeatable external characteristics: this beautiful ‘recreation’ is simply amazing. The former qualifications are quite bold, but according to all of us, none the less very appropriate. But what are we actually dealing with here? Time to delve into the history books for a moment.

Winning the 24 hour Le mans immediately gives a car legendary status. Winning the 24 hour race twice is only the reserve of the rare few. The 6.5 litre Speed Six is a prime example and the first to have won the race on two occasions.
After having won in 1929 with Woolf Barnato and Tim Birkin, Barnato repeated the feat again in 1930 crewing with Glen Kidston. After that Barnato became owner of the car, also using it on his 10,000 mile honeymoon through America. The car stayed with Barnato until his death, leading the procession at his funeral. No doubt a legendary vehicle and sadly not the one we have on offer.

What we do have is a fantastic homage to that unique car. This beautiful recreation is courtesy of Racing Green Engineering. This extravagant creation goes by the official titled of B Special No1, but we just call her
‘Old Number One ‘ in honour of the original.

Racing Green Engineering is a well established name in the world of this kind of gorgeous cars. It has the same allure as the original, the same awesome power, ideally combined with more manageable drive and maintenance.
These recreations were built on a Bentley Mark VI chassis and fitted with a mighty Bentley V8. The sound equals the sensation of yesteryear, reliability is however far better.

The aforementioned chassis was beautifully restored and then equipped with the aluminum bodywork. This Old Number One is executed in a very sober black. The paint is in sublime condition, as are all the beautifully visible suspension parts. Also, the details of the car are simply pristine. This bodywork is, quite logically, in total new condition. Also, numerous other items, such as the glasswork, body rubbers, and the present chrome work, are in optimal condition. The Bentley sits on beautiful Rudge Withworth 70-spoke wheels. The engine is in a rebuilt condition and fully according to Racing Green specifications. The beautiful inline engine is equipped with a recently replaced exhaust. To bring the pace of this substantial English two-seater back up, hydraulically operated drum brakes are present, and this system, in terms of condition, matches the rest of the car: optimal! Then we come to the interior, which is best described as Spartan. Sitting in the black leather bucket seats, you have a view of the characteristic aluminum dashboard. The correct gauges give a great appearance to the whole and make the urge to grab the rope-wrapped steering wheel even greater. An HCM Tripmaster is present, so the Bentley is ready for historic rallies and tours. Everything about this car figuratively takes you back to the 1920s and 1930s, when drivers would steer these types of cars over circuits around the world at the risk of their own lives. A unique opportunity to taste the atmosphere of that time, without the associated dangers.

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