Bentley Continental GT

New arrival
Body styleCoupé
Mileage42536 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Low mileage (kilometers)
  • Model year 2006
  • Distinguished colorscheme "Sapphire Blue" over two-tone composite interior dark blue over gray leather
  • Very good service history
  • Nice condition inside and out

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The Continental has a long history. Since 1975, we have been active with a wide variety of (classic) cars. Therefore, we would like to take a trip back in time. In the early 1950s, the Bentley Continental was known as the silent sports car, matching the allure and experience of a Bentley from that era. The Continental was a fast car, suitable for long distances with high travel comfort. The Bentley was quiet, fast, but also light. This combination of desirable elements earned this Bentley a legendary status. In 1984, Bentley reintroduced the Continental, and it remained in production until 2002. In 2003, the Bentley we are discussing here was introduced. This was the first Bentley produced under the company of Volkswagen AG. This car was first unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2002, and its visual impact was unmistakably Bentley, while the technology and financial support were of German origin.

Production of this fine Bentley began in mid-2003, and since then, the Bentley Continental GT has made its mark with its impressive performance and luxury. The engine is a piece of art. It is a powerful W-12 engine, created by merging two V-6 Volkswagen engines on a shared crankshaft, delivering an impressive 552 hp. This power is transmitted via a Torsen all-wheel drive system and a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, resulting in a top speed of 319 km/h. The beautifully styled fastback contributes to these impressive performances.

The Bentley Continental GT offers an unparalleled driving experience, thanks in part to its delightful air suspension. All active safety features, such as traction and stability control, ensure optimal road holding and a good mix of comfort and sporty performance, just like the Bentley Continental of the 1950s.

As with all Bentley cars, this Continental GT is luxuriously equipped with all imaginable options. With just over 42,000 kilometers, this Bentley has not been used much and is in neat condition. This is the 2006 model year, and this Bentley presents itself in a timeless manner, both through its beautiful lines and its color scheme of Sapphire Blue with a two-tone interior, finished in dark blue with gray leather upholstery.

The documentation of this Bentley includes all original manuals, including the service booklet that highlights the necessary maintenance that took place. The driving feel in this car is extremely solid. It feels like a massive rolling vault, but with the agility of a much lighter car. This is exactly the kind of driving experience we love and what made the Bentley Continental famous 70 years ago.

The leather interior and the wood-inlaid dashboard give the car a classic English look with German quality. The details are refined, but never exaggerated. Everything about this Bentley exudes luxury and care. The options list is also extensive and fitting for a Bentley of this caliber.

The engine is, of course, something special. The 6.0 W12 engine is designed to give you the most relaxed travel experience ever. The Bentley Continental GT W12 is like a first-class train journey; only for a select audience.

Are you interested in this Bentley? Contact us today; we will be happy to assist you. You are warmly welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, active since 1975. We have years of experience exporting our vehicles worldwide; ask about the possibilities.