Body styleSedan
Mileage65000 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Only 65.000 km
  • 70% first paint
  • Original Dutch car
  • "Sahara" exterior
  • Very authentic condition
  • Original service books
Price on request

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Price reduction € 15.950,- now € 12.950,-

• Original Dutch car
• Only 65,000 km!
• Includes a verifiable maintenance history
• Mostly first paint (70%)
• Very original condition

This is how we always want them: an original with a six-cylinder engine, very few kilometers, and equipped with maintenance history.

With the E3, also referred to as the ‘BMW New Six,’ BMW took a very important step for the brand. In short, BMWs with the E3 designation are a number of sedans and coupes that BMW produced from 1968 to 1977. All of these vehicles had the six-cylinder engine, called the M30. BMW used the ‘M10 inline 4s’ as the basis for development, and the focus was on creating a true driver’s car. We can undoubtedly say that they succeeded in this! With the now famous six-cylinder engine that is incredibly popular and has been used by BMW for a long time, the E3 made the leap to a car with excellent handling, which is why it has a large following.

This is a 1976 BMW 2500 salon. A beautiful example that was originally delivered to the Netherlands. With only two owners and a very low mileage of 65,000 km, this is a very authentic specimen. The car comes with the original instruction booklet, along with a stamped maintenance booklet and recent invoices, showing that the car has recently been serviced.

As expected with this mileage, the overall condition is both original as well as beautiful. The bodywork is primarily in its first coat of paint (approximately 70%). The doors, trunk lid, and hood fit closely, and both bumpers, hubcaps, and other chrome parts are in very good condition. The underside of this specimen is free of weak spots, and looking at the interior, we can see that the low mileage has resulted in a very authentic interior. The upholstery is completely original, as well as the trim, and all gauges are typical BMW and in very good condition.

A BMW with a six-cylinder engine, low mileage, and demonstrable maintenance history is not something we see every day. A very authentic specimen that has been treated with love.

Are you interested in this beautiful BMW? Then contact us via the ‘request more information’ form, and we will be more than happy to get back to you.

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