BMW R50 Zijspan

Body styleZijspan combinatie
Mileage39750 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Very original
  • Project Trade-in car.
Price on request

Import & Export

We can assist in cars purchased from the US and arrange transportation. We'll take care of all necessary papers. Please contact us for further information.

The R 50 can safely be called a legendary model for the brand. We now have a copy in our stock that we can describe as very original and unique. As if the motorcycle alone isn’t special enough, we also have a version with a sidecar.

This R 50 has been in the possession of the most recent owner for a very long time. A motorcycle that looks beautifully original and you can prepare it the way you want. Want to keep the look and refresh the technology completely? Completely restore the motorcycle? That’s all up to you. The fact is that this is a very well-organized project, where the work can be overseen and the motorcycle is completely complete.

The necessary spare parts are also included with the engine.