Bugatti Type 35 recreation by Pur Sang

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage1234 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Like new condition
  • Full build-manual present with the car
Price on request

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Let’s start with the facts. This is not a Type 35, this is a Pur Sang Type 35. This car was not manufactured in Molsheim but in Buenos Aires. Okay, that’s cleared up. Now let’s take a closer look at what a Pur Sang is exactly. The Pur Sang is the most true-to-life reproduction that a person can make of the original. What Pur Sang does is the following: they make the original 1 on 1. There are only a few very small differences in the original and a Pur Sang, which are barely noticeable with the naked eye. For example, the Pur Sang is equipped with a modern ignition that looks like a magneto ignition, the Pur Sang has a cooling fan, the Pur Sang has other bearings for the crankshaft, so that the engine does not need an overhaul every ten thousand kilometers and finally the Pur Sang has a different firing order that better suits the 8-in-line engine, Ettore Bugatti also thought, because his last racers also used the modified order. Every original owner has at least one Pur Sang in their collection and it seems that many owners who want to race an original car order an engine from Pur Sang to secure the original. The ultimate compliment for Pur Sang? Ettore Bugatti’s son and granddaughter both own a Pur Sang.

This copy is in mint condition. The body, the chassis, everything is new. The chassis on which the car stands was completely newly manufactured and then fitted with an aluminum body. The Type 35 was the first car to be fitted with aluminum rims. The most special thing was that the brakes were incorporated directly into the rim for optimal cooling. The car has a unique appearance that is unmistakably recognizable as a Bugatti. The Type 35 is painted in a beautiful black paint that fits well with the appearance of the car. Also striking are the metal wires with which the bolts are secured with which the aluminum sheet metal is secured. The car’s tank is located at the rear of the car and can be opened by means of a large screw-on fuel cap. You measure the fuel wonderfully old-fashioned with a stick, or simply with the naked eye when the sun shines in the tank. The car features a dual exhaust that ends under the car and produces a beautiful sound that only a supercharged eight-cylinder inline engine can produce. The lights, the grille, the way the body is made, with the original in mind. Shifting is done with a lever mounted on the outside of the car. The transmission is located in the car itself and is easy to operate. It does take some getting used to the shifting pattern, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy to drive the Pur Sang.

The interior is obviously spartan but a true work of art. The co-driver has access to a lever to operate the oil pump. The instruments and controls are of course all identical to the original and are works of art in their own right. The seats are upholstered in beautiful red leather as well as the side of the body where you get in. The steering wheel has four spokes and is nice and large to simplify steering. Finally, the pedals are nicely close together and are easy to operate. The rear-view mirror is mounted on the cockpit next to the tiny, but quite effective, pop-up window.

Like the rest of the car, the technology is completely based on the original, with only the aforementioned improvements incorporated. The eight-cylinder in-line engine produces about 150 hp and is capable of making Type 35 reach particularly high speeds. While modern cars give you the feeling that you are barely driving 50 kilometres per hour at 150 kilometres per hour, it is exactly the opposite with a car like the Pur Sang. At 50 kilometres the Pur Sang seems to be going 100 kilometres per hour. It’s a rare driving experience that simply cannot be matched in a modern car. The road holding, the steering feel, the brakes, everything fits perfectly with the unique pre-war driving experience. It is therefore no surprise that Pur Sang has taken a Type 35 as an example. The quality of the original has never been in question and the reproduction is of equally high quality. The engine is mated to a four-speed manual transmission and has gear ratios that perfectly match the racing character of the rest of the car.

The car comes with a complete manual of the car. We are not referring to an instruction manual with an explanation of the heating and operation of the windows, which are not included, but a literal construction manual that enables you to maintain the car yourself or offer a mechanic the tools to keep the Type 35 in top condition. In short, a beautiful Pur Sang Type 35 in a beautiful colour combination and in top condition.

Car will be delivered without registration

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