De Dion Bouton V ” chassis Allonge”

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage123 km
VAT / MarginMargin
Price on request

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We have a 1904 de Dion Bouton Type V. The Type V has a single-cylinder engine producing 8 Ps. It was the largest single-cylinder engine de Dion made before stepping over to a two-cylinder one. It is no small miracle that we are still able to offer this vehicle to you. In the ’70s the chassis was accidentality discovered at a French metal scrap merchants yard. A further search of the yard also unearthed the rest of the car. The car was completely in bits and pieces with many of the smaller parts either no longer there or irreparable. The early 2000s saw the start of the Type V’s restoration. As the original transmission was no longer present a solution was sought to remedy this problem. Luckily the were able to source a transmission from a 1906 model. The car we have is a 1904 transitional de Dion Bouton TypeV with its so-called “Chassis Allonge” or long-wheelbase in English. In the early years of the 20th century, it took substantially longer to bring a car to market. The engine number indicates that de Dion started building this car in 1903 before it was finally given its registration plates in 1904. This de Dion Bouton’s long wheelbase was there to accommodate the large coachwork. The “Entrance lateral” bodywork allows one to easily alight the car. During the restoration, the bodywork was completely remanufactured according to the original design. The car was actually taken apart down to the very last screw before being perfectly reassembled. The mechanics were fully rebuilt and the chassis recommissioned. The way the car looks reflects the exceedingly high standard employed. Where original parts were no longer usable or available, new parts were manufactured to the original template. The interior trim and woodwork were fully replaced achieving a perfect finish. The car’s condition reflects the fact it hasn’t seen much use since the restoration. This de Dion Bouton Type V is still in exceptional shape. This is a very rare opportunity to lay your hands on a perfectly restored de Dion Bouton. The eight horse-powered engine allows four people to be transported at speeds of 40 to 45 km/hr. The car is ultimately suitable to be rallied. Te car comes with restoration photography and two de Dion Bouton manuals. This lovely de Dion Bouton is a fine example from the early years of motoring. Gallery Aaldering is Europe’s leading Classic Cars specialist since 1975! Always 400 Classic and Sportscars in stock, please visit for the current stock list (all offered cars are available in our showroom) and further information. We are located near the German border, 95 km from Düsseldorf and 90 km from Amsterdam. So easy traveling by plane, train, taxi and car. Transport and worldwide shipping can be arranged. No duties/import costs within Europe. We buy, sell and provide consignment sales (selling on behalf of the owner). We can arrange/provide registration/papers for our German (H-Kennzeichen, TÜV, Fahrzeugbrief, Wertgutachten usw.) and Benelux customers. Gallery Aaldering, Arnhemsestraat 47, 6971 AP Brummen, The Netherlands. Tel: 0031-575-564055. Quality, experience and transparency is what sets us apart. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom

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