Ferrari Testarossa 800km from new!!

Body styleCoupé
Mileage810 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Third series "five bolt"
  • 800 kilometers from new
  • Livery in the combination of Rosso Corsa over tan leather interior
  • Accompanied by its Ferrari folio/warranty card/service book
  • Delivered by Dutch Ferrari Importer Kroymans
  • Extensively maintained by a well-known Ferrari specialist in the Netherlands
Price on request

Import & Export

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About this car:
A truly unique Testarossa, with only 800 kilometres from new. The car comes with the original books, documents and the original tools. Normally cars with such low mileages need servicing but this one is recently serviced by a marque specialist.
On of the best Testarossa’s in an exceptional original condition.

Testarossa in general:
It is one of the most striking model names in car history: Testarossa! Just say it out loud a few times, with the emphasis on ‘ros’, and you will spontaneously imagine yourself Italian(se). Literally translated it means ‘Red head’, which refers to the red cylinder heads of the mighty V12. The Testarossa of the 1980s was named after legendary predecessors such as the 250 Testa Rossa and 500 TR. A child of the eighties, this has everything a car enthusiast dreamed of at the time: opening headlights, huge air intakes and black grilles over the taillights. The number of posters hung above beds and in offices must have been countless.

Behind the wheel, the average person in their forties will immediately have a flashback to the late ’80s when they played the game Out Run, one of the first and most famous racing games ever, where the Testarossa took centre stage. Not familiar with the game but with television? Then you undoubtedly know the Testarossa from Miami Vice. You see: the Testarossa is an icon of its time, a car that is almost as representative of that era as the cassette tape, test pattern, and Viewmaster.