Ford Capri RS2600

Body styleCoupé
Mileage73295 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • "Bare-metal"-restoration
  • They only used NOS-parts
  • This RS2600 represents the top of the range Capri
  • The restoration is largely recorded in book form

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In 1969, introduced the Capri to the public, and it immediately gained popularity in Europe. The Capri quickly became known as the ‘European Mustang’ due to its strong similarities with the American Mustang concept. While the Mustang offered a wide range of engines for sporty drivers seeking high performance, the Capri lacked a comparable option for achieving very sporty aims. Car manufacturers found it challenging to develop powerful engines within the regulations of that era.
However, this changed with the emergence of so-called ‘Homologation Specials’, cars with powerful engines suitable for the track whilst also complying with regulations. These special vehicles were produced in limited numbers and were fully legal for use on public roads.
At the end of 1969, Ford began developing the RS Capri, aiming to create a Capri that excelled both on the track and on the road. The RS2600, developed by Ford’s Competition Department in England and produced in Cologne, Germany, was introduced in March 1970 in Geneva as a very special edition of the Capri.
The RS2600 was only produced in limited numbers and was equipped with a powerful 2.6 litre V6 Weslake engine, based on the 2600GT. This made the RS2600 not only the fastest Capri to date but also the fastest Ford available worldwide, with 150 hp and a top speed of 200 km/h. It became a huge success and set a new standard in the automotive industry of that time.
Our Capri RS2600 is a very fine example that underwent a bare-metal restoration, where the entire vehicle was completely restored and overhauled to factory specifications. Evidence of the work done can be found in the extensive restoration report. During the restoration, the restorers used only New Old Stock (NOS) parts to return the car to its original specifications.
The photos almost speak for themselves because this Capri RS2600 is in excellent condition. Both the exterior with panel gaps, the brightwork, and the wheels are in very fine order and good. The interior has the correct details, and the carpets, along with all the gauges, the dashboard, and the Recaro seats are simply in very good condition. Under the hood, the correct details are immediately noticeable, and it goes without saying that this car is a shining example of a high quality standard.
Driving it takes you back to an exciting era when cars were incredibly pure, and the feeling while driving evoked sensational feelings. When starting the engine, the sound immediately indicates that we are dealing with the top model of the Capri range. A delightful sound that responds extremely well to the accelerator pedal. The mechanical feeling that the driver experiences while driving is, therefore, fantastic.
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