Ford Capri RS2600 Stunning restored RS!

Body styleCoupé
Mileage26841 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Restored to factory standard
  • Most sought after Capri-model
  • "Only a few owners"-car
  • History known from 1991 to present

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introduced the Capri to the general public in 1969. The Capri immediately gained popularity on the European market. It can be said that the Capri was a nod to its American cousin, the Mustang. Unsurprisingly therefore the Capri’s nickname used was the ‘European Mustang’ because of the strong resemblance to the overall concept of the American Mustang. However, while the Mustang offered a wide range of engines, providing options for high-performance driving, the Capri did not yet have an answer for ‘very’ sporty purposes. It was challenging for car manufacturers to develop a high-performance engine within the regulations at the time. However, that changed when car manufacturers began producing so-called ‘Homologation Specials.’ These were cars with engines suitable (and successful) on the racetrack while also complying with the regulations of that era. These specific cars were available in limited numbers for sale to the public. These special vehicles were often fully trimmed and could be legally used on public roads.

Ford began developing the RS Capri at the end of 1969. The idea was to create a Capri that would deliver high performance on the racetrack while also being suitable for the road. Ford aimed to compete for the European Touring Car Championship with this special Capri. What followed was the Capri RS2600, developed at the Ford Competition Department in England and produced in Cologne, Germany.

The introduction of this very special Capri took place in March 1970 in Geneva. Ford built the RS2600 in very limited numbers and equipped this Capri with a 2.6-liter V6 engine manufactured by Weslake. The basis of this sought-after Capri was the 2600GT, which was the best Ford could offer from Germany at the time. What was the result of all this? Not only was this Capri the fastest Capri model, it was also the fastest Ford available worldwide! With 150 horsepower and a top speed of 200 km/h, this Capri set the standard in the automotive industry in 1971 and was a resounding success.

This Capri has an extensive history. Once owned by the chairman of the Swiss Capri Owners Club, this particular specimen was restored to factory specifications approximately 30 years ago, and the restoration was of a high standard. This is still evident today. This Capri is a sight to behold and even won an award for best car at an RS owners’ gathering. Over the last fifteen years, this car has been cherished and only taken out for occasional drives.

The high-quality restoration reflects the condition in which this Capri still finds itself today. Whether it’s the paintwork, panel gaps, rubber seals, or glass, everything is in good condition. The distinctive seats in the interior, along with the dashboard featuring all the gauges, make a very well-maintained impression and once again reflect the overall condition of this special Capri. Technically speaking, the naturally impressive special engine still holds its appeal to any driver and has been maintained to exacting levels. This all provides a very enjoyable driving experience with a gearbox that shifts precisely and handling that is impressive.

This very special Capri is undoubtedly an icon. With very original details, few owners, high-quality restoration work, and overall good condition, this Capri RS2600 is a highly sought-after specimen.

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