Ford Escort Mexico

Body styleCoupé
Mileage46678 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Recently fully restored and mechanically rebuilt condition
  • Top quality example
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We have a top quality restored 1974 Escort Mk1 Mexico with less than 47,000 km on the clock. The fact of being low mileage or even having had a top quality restoration does not elevate this car to being a wonder. The really remarkable fact is this car did not end up as a rally car.
The Mexico was a special edition of the Ford Escort Mk1, celebrating Ford’s successes in the London to Mexico rally. In 1970 Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm were the victorious champions of this extremely heavy rally. Ford’s marketing department saw a golden opportunity to turn this rallying triumph into folding money in the showroom. A special edition Ford Escort was commissioned to celebrate this success. Ford’s racing department was involved in the development of the Mexico and looking at the number of options available at the time it is no small wonder the Mexico became such an enormous sales winner. The Mexico was fitted with a 4-cylinder 1600cc with a single overhead camshaft good for 86 PS. In todays money that might not seem impressive, however with it short ratio manual gearbox and a curb weight of just 850 kg, the Mexico was able to achieve a very representable performance. The Mexico is still able to hit very acceptable heights, just imagine how that would have felt in the 70’s! Now let us just reflect on the number of available options then. Today it would be completely unthinkable a family car manufacturer would allow the buyer the option of dressing up the car in order to immediately be able to take to the rally tracks, and yet that is precisely what Ford did to the Mexico. It will come as no surprise that many bought the Mexico as a rally car. You only had to make a few finishing touches to enter into the fray. More than 10,000 Mexico’s were sold. You might think that does not make it into a rare classic beast. Nothing is further from the truth. Rally versions of the Mexico often did not survive the first year or at best a few years. Many Ford Mexico’s died in harness. They were literally driven to their deaths. If we were to compliment this specific example, then the biggest compliment would be that this level of restoration does not belong to this type of car. This ford Escort has been so beautifully restored in such a fashion only seen with cars costing a multitude of this Ford. This car was literally dismantled, right down to the very last screw before being most sympathetically reassembled. Clearly the work of people with absolute specialist knowledge which matches that of any top restorer. The bodywork is as expected absolutely pristine. It has nice and thin, correctly aligned panelwork. The doors close with a characteristic click of a showroom fresh car. The car had a high quality respray in “Olympic Blue” finish. The paintwork brilliantly jumps out at you the moment you set eyes on her. The Rs rims have been recently resprayed and look perfect Underneath the condition is at least as good as on top. The original stickers were reattached after the respray. The interior has been fully reupholstered. The bucket seats are comfortable as well as supportive. The spartan dashboard marvels in simple functionality. There is not a switch or control without an obvious use to be found. If only modern cars were so easy. The neat new carpets also have been perfectly fitted. The original steering wheel looks great. Another redeeming feature is you immediately get a great driving position, inviting you to sit right and drive to your hearts content. Driving to ones hearts content is this car’s claim to fame. 86 Ps does not sound much in todays money but considering the fact the Ford Escort Mexico on weights 850 kg it starts to become a more attractive proposition. The engineers did a marvellous job with the car’s road handling, which in our case is emphasized by the wholly new suspension fitted. Every bush, shock breaker and spring is new. The Escort handles beautifully tight, inviting to get the maximum out of the package. It has a 1.6 litre OHV couples to a manual 4-speed gearbox. The accurate transmission helps the engine run through the revs brilliantly. Both were completely rebuilt and just as the exterior are in peak shape. A Ford Escort Mexico is a rare sight these days and still enjoys enormous status under the devotees of fast Fords. No surprises there as in contrast to modern cars this one runs on pure charm as well as petrol. A disarmingly effective little street monster leaving its new owner with a brad grin with every mile. Let’s face it: if you are looking for a Ford Escort Mexico would you not want the best on the market?

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