Jaguar E-Type V12 Coupe “Manual gearbox”

Body styleCoupé
Mileage105052 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Largely original and preserved example
  • Equipped with the desirable manual gearbox
  • Superb driving and shifting
  • Finished in a refined shade of silver over a black leather-trimmed interior
  • Equipment includes 15" chrome wire wheels and a three-spoke wooden "Mota-Lita" steering wheel

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As with most brands and models, the E-type saw a number of changes over time. A consequence of this is that cars often become heavier, but at the same time more comfortable. The E-type also increased in weight during its production period, but in 1971 decided to find a perfect balance between comfort and performance with a V12, and they absolutely nailed it with the third series V12. This series weighed only 80 pounds more and the 5,3-litre V12 with 272 hp was made of aluminium, as opposed to the cast iron 4.2 litre six-cylinder engine.
With that twelve-cylinder engine, it is a really great experience and according to Jaguar, the ‘new’ E-type could reach a top speed of more than 220 kilometres per hour and 160 kilometres per hour could be reached in around sixteen seconds. Those were serious achievements!
In addition, the appearance of the third series looked more aggressive, and Jaguar supplied this E-Type for example with ventilated brake discs at the front and Adwest power steering, while automatic transmission was one of the most popular options. What does this mean? It is actually a very nice trend to see, but the E-type evolved into a luxurious GT, perfectly suited for long distances. The third series was distinguished by a four-pipe exhaust system and flared wheel arches. Fortunately, the interior retained the classic style that we love so much of Jaguar. Furthermore, it was built in two-seater roadster and 2+2 coupe versions. With this E-Type, Jaguar continued the Jaguar tradition by offering a level of performance and luxury that was unrivaled in its price range.
This Jaguar E-type is equipped with the popular manual gearbox and is a very nice driving car. This is an original car in neat condition. The bodywork is still in a well-maintained condition. In the past, this E-type was repainted in silver. This forms a nice match with the black leather interior. The body panels fit together nicely. Although the bodywork shows signs of wear, this Jaguar presents itself in a neat manner. This E-type is also equipped with 15-inch chrome wheels.
The mechanics of this Jaguar are excellently maintained, making this E-type a real pleasure to drive. We supply an extensive booklet with the car, with recent invoices showing that more than 10,000 euros were invested in this car in the last few years. The overall technical condition of the Jaguar is therefore very good.
The E-type is powered by a powerful 5,3-litre V12 engine with 272 hp, which is linked to a four-speed manual transmission. The carburettors supply the engine with the right mixture of fuel and air, allowing the Jaguar to produce impressive torque, and it drives as powerfully and smoothly as a modern car.
The interior is beautiful with its black leather upholstery, that has developed a lovely patina, which provides a beautiful appearance. The instruments clearly display the car’s important functions. The carpets fit neatly, which contributes to the overall appearance of the interior. The Mota-Lita wooden steering wheel is also a nice addition to the classic interior.

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