Jaguar XK120 Alloy Roadster

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage2520 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • One of 184 LHD Alloy built
  • Comprehensive restored
  • JDHT Certificated
  • Factory-correct Red over Biscuit and Red leather

Import & Export

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One of 184 LHD Alloy bodies. A beautifully restored XK120 in its original colours, shown on the JDHT file. Number ’59’, so an early example. Furthermore, the XK is equipped with beautifully pressed steel wheels in the color of the body and the rear wheels are covered by fantastic ‘wheel spats’ at the rear. It makes the great bodywork even more beautiful than it already is. These are often not present because they do not fit in combination with spoke wheels.
This car is very well maintained, from beneath it is incredible clean and neat as well.

The XK120 in general
Sir William Lyons, or ‘Mr ’, thought that his company would make serious money with sedans that would sell well in the export markets, with the US leading the way.

The engine, a 160 hp 3,442 cc DOHC six-cylinder in-line engine, was actually intended to be introduced in a sporty four-door sedan, but because that car was not ready yet, it was decided to present the engine in a concept car with an alloy body on the London Motor Show of 1948. When Lyons subsequently drove it at 200 kilometers per hour (about 120 miles, hence the name) with the windscreen up and 210 with the window down, it was certain: this had to and would become a production model.

Production gets underway and 240 alloy XK120s are produced. 184 of these have the steering wheel on the left side. In order to produce the cars in an easier way and with materials that are more readily available, the bodywork is from then on made of steel. And so it remains with 184 left-hand drive aluminum XK120s. One of them is now in Brummen.

Our XK120 in detail
And so we are dealing with a very rare car. Of those 184 copies, this beautiful one in red is also an early one, because ‘number 59’ was ready on December 16, 1949. In January 1950 the car was shipped to James L Cooke Motors in Toronto, Canada. By the way, we don’t have to dig deep for this data, we can get it from the supplied Heritage Trust Certificate.

From that document it can also be concluded that the original color combination was the same as today: warm red with a two-tone interior that is largely red and combined with biscuit-colored leather. In terms of specifications, the black soft top is also as it was delivered at the time.

The XK you see here has already been excellently restored by a specialist. After that restoration, the roadster had a long life because the car still looks incredibly beautiful.
The bodywork is beautiful, with perfectly fitting body panels and beautiful paint. The shine is deep and damage is strange to the Jaguar. The reflections clearly show that the car has been painted to a very high quality.

The interior of the XK is just as beautiful. The two-tone leather is in optimal condition with the material fractionally showing that it has been used. The rest of the interior barely shows any signs of use. The carpets are also very beautiful and have a perfect fit.

Finally, the engine compartment is also very well maintained. The beautiful power source with double overhead camshaft and SU carburettors is neatly clean, leak-free and of course excellently maintained. The beautifully coated manifold and the polished valve cover look beautiful. The same applies to all wiring, hoses and clamps.
The underside is just as neat and tidy. No rust, very clean technology and a very well-maintained condition make this already special XK120 an absolute collector’s item.

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