Land Rover 80 4×4 “Series One”

Body styleATV
Mileage112574 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Extensive body-off restoration
  • Equipped with the two rear seats
  • Left hand drive version
  • Outstanding example of Land Rover’s Iconic Series I
  • Pre 1952 80” models are highly collectible

Import & Export

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We hardly dare touch this ; what a rare and beautiful specimen it is!

The Land Rover was developed for small-scale production and was inspired by the legendary American army Jeep. But this was just the beginning of the story, because once in production, this model exceeded all expectations! How did this Land Rover come about? There was simply a need for a four-wheel drive vehicle for (amongst others) farmers. Shortly after the introduction of the now iconic model, the Land Rover quickly won the hearts of many. The Land Rover became known for its reliability and durability. This was partly due to the use of sustainable materials, such as the use of aluminium to combat corrosion, which extended its lifespan (at that time).

For over 60 years, the Land Rover has proven its versatility, suitable for countless tasks. But now it’s time for a new generation of adventurers to enjoy this Land Rover. Are you ready to embark on new adventures with this iconic car? The latest Land Rover models are really fine vehicles, but nothing beats the original model; the legendary off-road vehicle with an iconic status. “Yes, this one is indeed a beauty.” That is what we said here at Gallery Aaldering. We barely dare sit in it! Take a look at the photos to see how beautifully this specimen was restored. This Land Rover was restored ‘body-off’ and also overhauled, hence it is in very good condition. It’s not just a very beautiful Land Rover, but also a very rare one. This is a pre-1952 model, of which only 80 were built. This first series is highly sought after and is also left-hand drive and equipped with two rear seats.

Considering the restoration and overhaul work, you can expect this specimen to be in good to very good condition overall. And indeed, it is. Both the exterior, such as the bodywork and the underside of the car, the interior with the beautiful upholstery, and the mechanics are all very nicely presented and in good condition. Just look at the photos for an impression. If you are interested in this beautiful and rare Land Rover, then wait no longer and contact us now via the contact form. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen for a viewing.