Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo 1

Body styleSedan
Mileage440000 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Rare homologations special
  • Only 500 made
Price on request

Import & Export

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This is really special! Where are the good old times, when manufacturers were obliged to build homologation specials? In the late 80’s participated in the Deutsche Toerenwagaen Meisterschaft (DTM). Before they could enter a new model they had to build and sell 500 with the same drivetrain, the so-called homologation specials. When BMW introduced the M3 Sport Evolution, Mercedes-Benz quickly realised they could no longer win with the “normal” 190E 2.5 16V. It was time for evolution. So the Mercedes-Benz 190 Evolution 1 was born. Mercedes-Benz developed a complete package of upgrades for the 190E Evo 1. Not every upgrade is obvious. The engine, brakes and suspension were totally overhauled. More obvious is the Evo 1’s exuberant but functional bodykit. This was old-fashioned tuning, unlike todays car that are called a limited edition after just adding a few stickers. No; every aspect of the car was attended to making it deserve its special title. The bodykit has a pair of sideskirts, a splitter and large rear wing. This is ultimate 80/90’s tuning. The engine delivered the same 205 amount of horse power as the regular 2.5 16V. This specific example has been fitted with the very rare AMG Power Pack. Only 16 Evo 1’s were fitted with this, then 16 thousand Deutsch Mark costing, package. The AMG Power Pack lifted the power output to 225 Hp, coincidentally the same as the later Evo 2 had. The increased power was achieved by sharper cam shafts, an enlarged throttle and different ignition. The combination of more power and a shorter locking differential made the 190E Evo 1 a seriously fast road going car. The Evo1 is so different to the regular 190E that Mercedes-Benz had to hand-build all 500 cars. Well with a hand-built Mercedes-Benz there are no points for guessing the high quality level of the car. Our example is still extremely sound and solid despite its high 440,000 km’s on the clock. It is probably the Evo 1 with the highest mileage in the world. Amazing! This just goes to show the standard of quality to which Mercedes-Benz kept in the past. The previous owner bought the car in 1997 when it had done 167,000 km. The engine is a completely overhauled exchange engine that is mounted at a mileage of 267,000 kilometers (documentation available).The documentation file shows that this Evo 1 has always been very neatly maintained. Furthermore a number of repairs have been carried out to keep the car up to scratch. The drivers seat has been re-upholstered and various body-parts have been re-sprayed in the original “Blauschwartz” finish. Externally there is evidence of use as one might expect with a car with this kind of mileage. This is not a 190E Evo 1 to keep under a blanket or one to win a concourse with. This 190E Evo 1 is made to drive, to attack your favourite twisty road with and to enjoy a by-gone era. If this car carried a medical information leaflet it would read; Use and enjoy! This Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution comes with an extensive documentation file spanning 23 years. The original Evo 1 rims, original indicator and rear lights are included in the sale. You know that when you buy a near virginal mileage car, every additional mile will cost you 100’s if not 1000’s of euros in depreciation. You do not have to worry about that in this well used car. Who will continue this special Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo 1’s journey? Gallery Aaldering is Europe’s leading Classic Cars specialist since 1975! Always 300-350 Classic and Sportscars in stock, please visit for the current stock list (all offered cars are available in our showroom) and further information. We are located near the German border, 95 km from Düsseldorf and 90 km from Amsterdam. So easy traveling by plane, train, taxi and car. Transport and worldwide shipping can be arranged. No duties/import costs within Europe. We buy, sell and provide consignment sales (selling on behalf of the owner). We can arrange/provide registration/papers for our German (H-Kennzeichen, TÜV, Fahrzeugbrief, Wertgutachten usw.) and Benelux customers. Gallery Aaldering, Arnhemsestraat 47, 6971 AP Brummen, The Netherlands. Tel: 0031-575-564055. Quality, experience and transparency is what sets us apart. We look forward to welcoming you in our showroom

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