Alfa Romeo Giulia Super “Squadra Bianca”

New arrival
Body styleSedan
Mileage10 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Rebuilt in 2016
  • Equipped with the 2-Litre Nord engine (high compression-168 HP/191NM)
  • Successful history in the Squadra Bianca
  • Many parts replaced by high-quality components from the best brands

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Elegance and performance are inherently connected when we talk about the Giulia. This timeless model, introduced in 1962, has a perfect blend of style and power, with every detail covered with Italian flair.
With its distinctive design, almost identical to the previous 1.3-litre Giulietta, the Giulia offers a more powerful 1,570cc engine. Enjoy a smoother ride thanks to welcome improvements to the previously weak heating system. Aerodynamically efficient and with an unmistakably sporty character, the Giulia will capture your heart with its classic twin-cam four-cylinder engine delivering up to 92hp, making the Giulia TI version a true 100mph (160km/h) car.
Featuring advanced technology, such as a five-speed gearbox, independent front suspension, coil spring rear axle, and disc brakes all around for optimal control and performance. It’s a delightful car for the true enthusiast, exactly as an Alfa Romeo should be.
With the introduction of the Super in 1965, the TI specification is surpassed, including two Weber carburettors, a floor-mounted gear lever, and a series of detail changes, including the distinctive emblem that gives the model its ‘Bollo d’Oro’ nickname.
However, our example is of a completely different calibre. This is a prepared Alfa that participated in the Squadra Bianca championship – the touring car class with Alfa Romeo Giulias. The Squadra Bianca race class competed both in the Netherlands and abroad with Alfa Romeo Giulia Supers equipped with 2-litre engines. This example also boasts successful races to its name.
Our Alfa is equipped with the tuned 2.0-litre Nord engine, fitted with high-compression pistons. This engine underwent a complete overhaul in 2016. Additionally, this example is prepared with parts from the best brands on the market. Since the engine overhaul, the car has driven less than 2,000 kilometres. Technically, the car is therefore very good. The steering is very sharp and will bring a smile to many enthusiasts’ faces.
The documentation consists of a DNRT logbook with race approval stamps. The rumour goes that there are plans to revive the Squadra Bianca championships, for which this Alfa is perfectly suited.
This car is ready for its next adventure. Are you interested in this special Alfa Romeo? Contact us now for more information. You are welcome to visit Gallery Aaldering in Brummen. We have years of experience exporting our vehicles worldwide. Inquire about the possibilities.