Alfa Romeo RZ

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage14488 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Only 14.488 km
  • Stunning condition
  • Number 190 of only 278 made
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The RZ is the open top variant of the Alfa Romeo SZ. The SZ is production version of the “ES-30” concept car, ES standing for Experimental Sportscar- 3.0 litre. The SZ stands for Sprint Zagato and RZ unsurprisingly stands for Roadster Zagato. Whilst the world famous Studio Zagato logo is clearly visible on the RZ’s flank, they were not responsible for the design. The bodywork is courtesy of Walter de Silva and Alberto Bertelli. Zagato added a few minor details and was responsible for assembling first the SZ followed by the RZ. Both RZ and SZ were built on a shortened Alfa Romeo 75 platform. The bodywork is completely made of synthetic material. Whilst you might be fooled into thinking the RZ is a SZ with a canvas roof, they are actually two totally different cars. The difference being 500 alternative parts used. Both cars were famed for their fantastic handling and ditto 3.0 V6 Busso engine. The transmission also achieved high appreciation. The old Alfa 75 3.0 gearbox was known for its problematic downshifting. By the time the Zagato’s came along and the 75 had been discontinued they had solve the issue. The RZ benefited from this innovation and shifts perfectly. Of the 350 RZ’s intended only 278 eventually were built, that on top of the 1,000 SZ’s.
On the 30th August ???? this car was supplied from new by the Venice Alfa Romeo branch in Italy, Since then it has clocked up a paltry 14,464 km. The car presents therefor in near pristine condition.
The bodywork is outstanding. All the synthetic body parts align perfectly and appear new. The original hood is also in good shape and fits perfectly. The undamaged original wheels are a given. It stands in its first coat of paint. Open the boot and you will pleasantly surprised by the presence of the original luggage set. A nice anecdote is attached to the luggage. The last owner bought the car without the luggage set and felt the car deserved to be complete. He found the person responsible for making the luggage sets and for a not inconsiderable sum (read; astronomical amount of cash) had him fabricate a new set. That means you can get your SZ with an original set of luggage with a fantastic tale thrown in for free.
The black interior trim contrasts the yellow exterior strikingly together with the yellow interior accents. The white Veglia Boretti instruments look brilliant and work perfectly. All the leather work in the cabin is absolutely pristine and underwrites the low mileage. The seat bolsters are completely untarnished with the same going for the carpets. The dashboard leather cladding is also still as fresh as anything.
This Alfa Romeo RZ’s good state of maintenance continues unabated when it comes to its moving parts. The 3.0 V6 Busso engine develops 210 hp and 235 Nm taking the RZ from 0-100km/hr in 7.5 seconds, topping out at an impressive 230 km/hr. The flexible engine enables you to sedately tour or put your foot down. There is a 5-speed manual gearbox the shifts with precision and without any play. Koni shocks are directly sourced from the Alfa Romeo 75 IMSA racer and are in part accountable for the very high level of the RZ’s drivability. These shocks can be hydraulically raised by 5 cm making facilitating parking garage entry and speed-bumps clearance. Thanks to its trans-axial gearbox, giving a 54/46 weight distribution, the Alfa Romeo RZ has delightful as well as predictable handling.
This Alfa Romeo RZ comes properly documented with a complete car wallet.
What more can we say; this is a brilliant Alfa Romeo RZ in brilliant condition.

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