Aston Martin DB4 Series 3

New arrival
Body styleCoupé
Mileage928 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Fully restored by Aston Martin Works Service in the UK
  • Extensive restoration-report with photos
  • Original left-hand drive model
  • Executed in Dover White over Magnolia with Oxblood piping
  • Fitted with the high performance ‘Special Series’ engine by AM-Works
  • One of 60 LHD Series 3 manufac

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When the DB4 was announced in 1958, had already built a reputation in the realm of sporty performance, elegance, and the quality that characterises true top cars. This reputation was established even before James Bond appeared on the scene. With an entirely new design and a body of Italian style by Touring, the DB4 was unquestionably a large success.

Throughout a production period of five years, the DB4 underwent various modifications. These changes led enthusiasts to categorise the different alterations into five different series. In all series, the brand-new six-cylinder engine could be found, producing approximately 240 hp. The third series, which we are offering here, is characterised by its modified taillights. Other changes included an electric tachometer. The third series, produced in 1961, is one of the rarest DB4s available for sale and even rarer as a left-hand drive variant.

Our DB4 is a 1961 third series. What we have here is an original left-hand drive car, of which only 60 were ever built. Additionally, this Aston Martin has been fitted with the high-performance ‘Special Series’ engine. Therefore, we are dealing with a highly sought-after model!

This DB4 underwent a complete restoration and mechanical overhaul by Aston Martin Work Service in the United Kingdom. These restoration and overhaul works have been fully documented, including accompanying photographs and accompany this car’s inventory.

Overall, we can state that this DB4 is in good and very neat condition. Due to the restoration works, the exterior looks good. The ‘Dover White’ finish has a beautiful deep lustre. The Touring bodywork is well-aligned and the rubber parts appear in reasonable nick. The glasswork is in very good condition, as is the brightwork you can see in items such as the headlamp rings and the bumpers. The beautiful wire wheels are also in very nice condition. The underside of the car reflects the restoration works that this DB4 underwent. You can safely assume that the car is in good condition.

In the interior, we find leather upholstery executed in ‘Magnolia’ with ‘Oxblood piping.’ The leather looks beautiful and feels high-end quality. The carpets are also of high quality, and the gauges adorning the instrument panel practically look like new. Some accessories have been added to increase comfort and safety levels. For example, we find a third brake light and an interior mirror for good rearward visibility.

All in all, driving this car is a great experience. The DB4 has always been known as a car with a certain degree of comfort, but fortunately, the car also still exhibits a fair amount of sporty driving behaviour. The fact that this specimen has the high-performance ‘Special Series’ engine makes the whole experience even sportier. You have simply got to hear the sound that this engine produces in real life; it is truly a great experience, leaving one full of emotion. The Aston Martin DB4 still offers an unparalleled driving experience that modern cars simply cannot match.

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