Indian Scout 101

New arrival
Body styleOther
Mileage6490 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Exceptionally restored example
  • Only produced from 1928-1931
  • One of the most popular motorcycle's of its time

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The Scout is a recognizable motorcycle, and the Scout 101 is among the most famous and iconic of Indian. Engineer Mr. Franklin was not only a notorious racer of Indian motorcycles but also the designer of the Indian Chief – the bigger sister of the Indian Scout with an (even) more powerful engine.

What makes the Indian Scout 101 so popular? It likely comes down to several factors. Alongside the Chief, the Scout features the typical V-twin engine. Additionally, the Scout is recognizable by its frame. Here, we are dealing with an almost 100-year-old motorcycle. With its excellent weight distribution and low center of gravity, it is now a very popular classic motorcycle. Indian introduced the Scout 101 in 1928, the model we present to you here. Compared to the previous Scout, this Scout 101 had a redesigned frame with an (even) lower seat height, a longer wheelbase, and fortunately, this Indian was also equipped with the V-twin engine.

A notable feature was the “suicide clutch”—a foot-operated clutch coupled to a hand shifter connected to a three-speed gearbox. Although this operating method has long been abolished for safety reasons, it remains an important part of the Scout 101’s character. Indian produced this Scout from 1928 to 1931.

Our 1929 Indian Scout 101 is an iconic motorcycle cherished for its robust build and excellent performance. This particular example has been restored and overhauled in the past, ensuring it is in excellent condition. The restoration has ensured that the motorcycle is in good condition, both mechanically and cosmetically.

This Indian Scout 101 is equipped with a 750cc V-twin engine. The mechanical components of this motorcycle are in good condition. The motorcycle starts quickly and runs smoothly. It also accelerates eagerly.

The gearbox, a crucial component of this motorcycle, is also in good condition and shifts smoothly. The brakes function properly and provide good stopping power. The frame and suspension are in neat and well-maintained condition, making the riding experience both stable and comfortable.

In terms of aesthetics, the motorcycle has been beautifully restored with respect for the original details. The paint and chrome parts shine beautifully, and the leather seat is neatly done with attention to both comfort and authenticity. This 1929 Indian Scout 101 is not only a collectible but also a functional classic, ready for many years of riding pleasure.

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