Auto Union F93

Body styleHatchback
Mileage65135 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • A two-stroke inline three-cylinder 896 cc engine paired with a four-speed manual transmission
  • Attractive coupe version of DKW’s compact front-wheel-drive sedan
  • Original owners guide-manual

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A very nice car, the DKW F93. This model was in production between 1955 and 1959, succeeding the F91. In 1953, the brand launched their three-cylinder two-stroke engine, and in 1955, during the Frankfurt Motor Show, this engine was named ‘der Grosse DKW 3=6’. The F93 benefited from a more powerful engine and had, among other things, a body that was ten centimeters wider compared to the F91.

Our model dates from 1958 and is presented in a well-maintained good condition, having been a restored and overhauled. The paintwork has a deep lustre, and the two-tone combination of the blue bodywork and a white roof looks a treat. The brightwork and rubber parts are neat, as are the windows and the rims.

The interior is truly very nicely indeed with a neat set of authentic, well-kept rubber mats and upholstery. On the dashboard, we find beautifully presented gauges in good condition. Under the hood, everything appears very good and well-maintained. The same also applies underneath the car.

When we start the engine, the two-stroke with its characteristic sound is immediately recognisable and very pleasing to the ear. The three-cylinder engine with 896 cc is coupled with a four-speed manual gearbox. This DKW is truly a time machine, in which you will be transported back entirely in style. Enjoy the beautiful design and the characteristic engine sound, and we assure you that you will bound to have many enjoyable trips.

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