Chevrolet Corvette PRICE REDUCTION! C2 Convertible

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage47467 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Manual
  • Fantastic colour combination
  • Restored

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Price reduction € 78.500 now for € 69.500,-


The past few years have been incredibly successful, with hundreds of classic and sports cars finding new homes around the world.

As a result of our success, we’ve received a large number of trade-in vehicles. Now, we’re thrilled to offer these cars at special sale prices!

Please note: these reduced prices are only available for a limited time and these cars are listed as “price reduction”.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to drive home your dream car at an unbeatable price!

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Corvette’s come in a variety of colours: from posh metallic tints to typical 60’s pastels the options are endless. This time we have a slightly different slant: this lovely Corvette C2 Convertible comes in Ermine White finish contrasting beautifully with its bright red interior. Those in the know may have clocked this Convertible has grills on the bonnet indicating this is an early 1963 model.

This Corvette is in excellent shape, with the bodywork having had a respray, luckily keeping its original colour. With minimal signs of use it is a beauty to behold. This colour combination with its alloys no doubt increases its desirability amongst lovers of the Corvette.

The bodywork is wonderful that is a taken, the same counts for the rest of its external appearance. The brightwork is very neat and the lights are in top-class order even if they mainly stay hidden form view in the front. The white hood is also in very neat shape, with no damage and closing evenly, even though we prefer driving around with the top down.

With sunlight flooding the inside you are immediately transported back to the ‘60’s. In a very tidy cabin the bright red rushes towards you. The red carpets are neat as is the aluminium finish. Of course the many gauges look great and are all in working order. There is an undamaged red steering wheel with steel spokes, the same goes for the central consul despite being slightly discoloured in time, although it does add patina.

As with all Corvette’s the mechanics are a feast. A fat 327 Cubic Inch V8. Can already hear its deep roar when starting up? We can! Driving a Corvette always appeals to the imagination. The feeling you get behind the wall is incomparable. A large steering wheel, a gurgling V8, the long nose and the sensation you are more or less seated between the rear wheels. This for sure is perfect “King of Road” feeling or as the Americans would say “President of the Road”.

Driving is a proper treat thanks to the manual Borg-Warner manual gearbox you will find in this car. The 4-speed shifts effortlessly through the range using the delightfully mechanic feel of its short poke. The clutch, poke and steering everything oozes power and precision. Whilst not quite politically correct nowadays, it is a real man’s car. The Corvette has oodles of power not to mention the enormous torque either. The slow this Corvette down this C2 has full disc brakes at its disposal, which is nicely reassuring. Floor, suspension, engine bay and brakes are not only in excellent working order they have looks to match.

You could waste your time rummaging through the accompanying paperwork but we bet you will be glued in place behind the wheel of this Corvette for the first few weeks.

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