Ferrari F40

Body styleCoupé
Mileage10598 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Only 10.000 KM from new
  • Marcel Massini report
  • European delivery
  • Recent major service by F40 specialist
Price on request

Import & Export

We can assist in cars purchased from the US and arrange transportation. We'll take care of all necessary papers. Please contact us for further information.

Present with the car:
– Marcel Massini 2023
– Original instruction booklet and warranty/maintenance booklet
– Spare keys

About this car:
Very original F40 in fantastic condition. Very good, apparently original paint, not an over-restored car but exceptionally clean. Windows, rubbers, original. Also very good under the hood. Original European version with odometer. Very late version, production of the F40 stopped in the course of 1992. Just over 1,300 units were built.

F40 in general:
In 1987, the Ferrari brand was 40 years old, and to celebrate this, Enzo Ferrari decided to build a special car to underline what Ferrari was all about: building the ultimate sports car for the road. The starting point was the 288 GTO Evoluzione, developed for the Group B championship. Group B was canceled by the FIA so the car was not produced but was developed into the F40.
Comfort and luxury were left behind, everything was developed with one goal in mind: performance. The F40 was equipped with a 2936 cc 90° V8 engine, which, equipped with two IHI turbos, produced 478 hp. The weight was kept low by using materials such as Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum, just like the Formula 1 cars. Pininfarina was responsible for the design. Scaglietti built the body
Fun fact: the middle exhaust is for removing the air from the wastegate of the turbos, the outer two are for removing the exhaust gases from both cylinder banks.
The F40 became the first production car to reach the 200 mph (320 km/h) limit, a milestone in automotive history.

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