Jaguar XK 120 OTS

Body styleCabriolet
Mileage1234 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Top quality example
  • Only 800 kilometres since restoration
  • Special Equipment car
  • Fully matching numbers
Price on request

Import & Export

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The very best XK120 in the world? Search no further. The coffee is ready. Oh? You want more explanation and substantiation. Good, this is a XK120 OTS from 1952. The car is completely matching the numbers. From the chassis to the cylinder head, everything is original. In addition, this is not just an XK120 OTS, but an XK120 OTS Special Equipment. The car was restored from head to toe 800 kilometres ago and technically overhauled to the highest standard.

Let’s start with the outside then. The chassis has been completely reduced to bare metal and completely rebuilt. The bodywork has also been completely reduced to bare metal and fully restored. The car is therefore equipped with excellent fits and. The chrome parts such as the lamps and bumpers have also been fully restored and are in new condition. The car was painted in its original livery. The spraying work was again performed at a top level. The paint is of beautiful quality and is topped off with not one but two coats of clear coat for a fantastic deep shine. The XK120 must have looked a bit like a spaceship in the 50s, right? The car has the original wheels painted grey and fitted with Michelin Pilote tires in the correct sizes, as it should be. The car is also equipped with a stainless steel exhaust and the entire “weather equipment”, so a tonneau cover and a full black vinyl convertible top. The hood is of course also in new condition and looks beautiful.

The interior has been reupholstered from head to toe in the original colour scheme with suitable materials. The samples of the materials used have been preserved in the documentation so that it can be determined at a later time which colour it is exactly. It all testifies to the enormous skill with which the restoration was carried out and the level at which the restorers operate. The dashboard is of course fully equipped with the original instruments and controls and still looks beautiful. When opening the door, it is immediately apparent that the car is equipped with standing pedals so that people who are tall can also enjoy driving in this XK120. In addition, the car is equipped with bucket seats that provide considerably more support than the original ones without being out of place. What is also striking is that the small poker does not have a gear knob with gears 1 to 4, but this is a car with a five-speed transmission.

That also brings us directly to the technique because it is finger-licking good. The engine produces 180 hp instead of the usual 160 hp. This is due to the SE equipment items with which the car is equipped. In addition, the car features heavier stabilizers and torsion bars, front disc brakes, a new drive shaft, electronic ignition from 123 Ignitions concealed in the existing distributor housing, a spin-on oil filter, 12-volt battery, Evans coolant and PU bushes in items such as the wishbones. In addition, the engine has been completely overhauled, where only the very best was good enough. The engine has been fitted with new Mahle pistons, the water channels have been re-welded in the head, and all gaskets and pipes have been renewed. Every effort has been made to ensure that this lady feels as youthful as ever for the next 70 years of her life.

The car comes with documentation that fits a car of this calibre. For example, all work is beautifully documented through invoices and related information, the flow charts are included with the car, there is general information available and, of course, a Jaguar Heritage certificate that endorses the matching numbers of this car. In short, a top quality car in all respects.

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