Talbot Lago T14 V8 America Coupe

Body styleCoupé
Mileage54420 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • The last "T14 America"-example built
  • Only 2 owners/families in 60 years
  • Recently fully serviced
  • One of the rarest Talbots ever made
  • Accompanied by authentic and periodic documentation
  • Only 12 T14's produced in the "America"-configuration

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In 1953, Anthony Lago was determined to reintroduce the T26. Lago hired Carlo Delaisse, a designer at Letourneur et Marchand. The task was clear: design a 2+2 coupé that would be fitting to that particular era. then fitted the brand-new body to the T26 GSL, launched in 1953. To expand the range, Lago decided to introduce a four-cylinder version of the coupé in 1955, named the T14 LS. Talbot Lago only sold 54 units of this model.
In 1957, after receiving various feedback, Anthony Lago got the idea to focus on the American market. What he did was extraordinary: he entered into an agreement with BMW for the supply of V8 engines. Subsequently, the combination with the BMW engine eventually led to the launch of the Talbot Lago America 2500.
1958 brought changes for Talbot Lago. Simca took over the brand, and although there were still some engines in stock, Henri Pigozzi decided not to use the BMW engine. Instead, they adapted the ‘in-house’ engine, the Ford V8, with a Zenith twin-barrel carburettor. All of this produced 95 hp. In total, Talbot sold only twelve T14s in the America version.
The story of this Talbot Lago T14 V8 America began at the 1958 Motor Show. The first owner of the car, Mrs. Donnier, fell in love with the Talbot Blanche she saw there. Since it was already sold, she ordered a different model. After the factory closed, Georges Grignard, a Talbot driver who had bought all remaining stock, completed this vehicle. What was the result? The very last Talbot Lago ever produced. The car was first registered in January 1962. Mrs. Donnier used the car for about ten years for her annual trips to her holiday home but stopped driving as she got older.
In 1980, Pierre Béguin, an engineer at PSA, bought this Talbot after rediscovering the brand during its relaunch by Peugeot. During his ownership, this Talbot underwent restoration and overhaul work. In the 2000s, he loaned the car to l’Aventure Automobile à Poissy in exchange for maintenance. In 2018, the car was exhibited at the Rétromobile Show at the Peugeot Adventure stand. After Pierre Béguin’s passing in 2021, the car was taken over by his nephew, and during his ownership, overhaul work was once more carried out.
Today, the car is in good condition, both visually and mechanically. With the aforementioned story, this Talbot Lago has only had two families in the past 60 years. This Talbot comes with a thick folder full of documentation. This ranges from original manuals, invoices, sketches, photos of this specimen, and road tests. Much of this documentation dates from various periods of the last century. In short: coming from a true enthusiast and ready for the next enthusiast to cherish this car.
A unique specimen, as it is the last produced Talbot Lago ever, and because this Talbot has only had two families in 60 years.
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