Jaguar Mark Eight “Special” Roadster

New arrival
Body styleCabriolet
Mileage82728 km
VAT / MarginMargin
  • Creation based on the idea of ​​the open sports cars of the 1930s
  • Built on a full restored Mk8-chassis
  • Body built on a frame of ash wood and made entirely of aluminum sheet metal
  • Powered by Jaguar’s iconic 4300-litre inline six-cylinder
  • All work was carried out to a very high standard

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With some caution, we can say that this unique is an ode to the golden age of sports cars. With this unique Jaguar MK VIII Special Roadster, you experience the glory days and go straight back to the glamour and grandeur of the 1930s. Inspired by the legendary sports cars of iconic brands such as the Bugatti 57 SC and the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, this one-of-a-kind creation offers an unparalleled driving experience that seamlessly combines classic style and modern reliability.

On a fully restored MK VIII chassis, a one-off body has been built that embodies the elegance and refinement of the 1930s. The frame, expertly crafted from ash wood, provides a solid foundation for the beautiful aluminum bodywork. Every detail projects craftsmanship and precision, from the flowing lines to the carefully shaped panels. It is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design.

This beauty is equipped with the iconic 4.3-liter six-cylinder engine from Jaguar; a power source known for its reliability and powerful performance. This engine, along with the high-quality construction of the car, guarantees a smooth and exhilarating driving experience reminiscent of the glory days of motorsport. Once behind the wheel, it feels as if time has stood still.

This Jaguar MK VIII Special Roadster is built to the highest standards of craftsmanship. The combination of an ash wood frame and a full aluminum body is not only a technical marvel but also a visual delight. The materials are of the highest quality and carefully selected and processed to create a timeless beauty. All of this is extensively documented, from historical research to invoices for parts, everything is meticulously researched and recorded. It is clear that this one-off comes with a book full of documentation.

For true lovers of classic sports cars, this unique roadster offers an unparalleled opportunity to own something special. The car combines the aesthetics of iconic models such as the Bugatti 57 SC, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, Lancia Astura with Touring bodywork, Auburn 851 Speedster, and the Delahaye but with overhauled technology and reliability and performance up to more modern standards. Every ride with this roadster is a journey back in time to an era of elegance, speed, and style. It is a unique experience for the true car enthusiast.

This is something very rare and an investment in a work of art on wheels. It is a vehicle that commands admiration and respect, a car that tells stories and evokes memories of a bygone era. This unique roadster is ready to find a new owner who appreciates the value and beauty of classic craftsmanship.

Experience the charm and excitement of the 1930s with this beautiful Jaguar MK VIII Special Roadster. Are you interested? Contact us today; we are happy to assist you. You are welcome at Gallery Aaldering in Brummen, active since 1975. We have years of experience exporting our vehicles worldwide, ask about the possibilities.