Today we kick off with the first blog “Nicks world”. Every Thursday from now on we will publish a blog written by Dolf Peeters. Dolf Peeters is a well-known classic car writer/columnist and car enthusiast.

In this series we are weekly visitors in that world, in Nick Aalderings world. We will see the most magnificent classic vehicles and meet the members of the Gallery Aaldering crew and visitors plus clients.

And you will see that the classic car and motorcycle world is a world filled with beautiful classics and extraordinary people.

We welcome you in Nicks world:

PART 1 Nicks world by Dolf Peeters

It is all about classic cars

Classic cars are like women. They demand attention, respect and TLC. That is why so many classic car lovers also have very good relationships.

It is all about respect
If you do – talking both about women and classic cars – not pay them respect, if you do not give them enough attention: you’re in trouble. My daily – also during the winter – driver is an Audi 100 T44 five cylinder with the small cast iron 1900 cc carburetor engine. Since the Audi does not have the Keihin, but the problematic and complicated Pierburg ‘Vergaser’, the carburetor is in general the thing that generates the problems in this stylish sedan if it feels neglected. And so it started doing on my way home.

Brummen is ‘in between’places
Since Gallery Aaldering was halfway between the start of the problems and ‘home’, I took the right to Brummen, the nice little village in the shadow of Gallery Aalderings neo classical premises. Since they serve coffee and have a very well equipped workshop it seemed a good place to crash. I might even call the ‘Wegenwacht’, the Dutch Automobile Association that helps its members with repair or help ‘on the spot’. When I left the Audi Nick Aaldering greeted me friendly: “No your car finally runs as bad as it looks!” He smiled gently. “You have got a problem. But let us take a coffee at first”. Selling top end classics is one thing. But offering coffee to an Audi driver is distress gives a real Karma bonus. “Everybody in the workshop is very busy at the moment. But if you think you can do the repair yourself, be my guest. Or you can call the ‘Wegenwacht’ and wait. Sorry, now I must leave you, there is a Swiss customer waiting”.

Talking with an expert
I started the Audi and it crippled into the workshop were I parked aside a Ferrari 512 BB that stood there rumbling sofly and satisfied. I dreamt away about what should happen if I should change one red car against another red car but decided to open the bonnet of my Audi. Chief logistics Jeroen came to look at the Audi engine bay. “That is a 1900” he asked “Does it have a Pierburg or a Keihin? “ “A Pierburg? That’s bad for you” Jeroen smiled “Those Pierburgs are bastards”. Not many people know that there were 1900 cc five cylinder Audi 100 T44’s. Even fewer know that Audi used Pierburgs and Keihins. Nice! Especially since Gallery Aaldering has more experience in Bentley’s and Ferrari’s than in middle class VAG products. I found the loosened jet holder and re-installed the carburetor. The Ferrari 512 was long gone. And if not in competition with a Ferrari engine, a 5 cylinder Audi engine also sounds very nice. I felt happy.

Audi’s are also nice
Outside it was still cold and wet. Nick was finished with his customer. He offered me another coffee. Between classic car lovers, there are seas of differences. Nick had just sold a top end classic car that would probably end in a private collection or a museum. But he looked endeared at the brave worker in the workshop that would probably end on a junk yard and not in a museum “You know, actually these Audi T44’s are very nice cars. You should treat yours better. Because that is what it deserves”. Nick is right. I directly took the red sedan to the car wash and inspected the tire pressure. Now the Audi is happy again and dreams about sleeping side by side with a Ferrari 512 BB.